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LPN Shines light on LINO's and Religious Intolerance on Good Friday '17; Religious right angry that no one Cares.

Dear Readers,
Call me risque, but I'm not unhappy that the LPN decided to share a meme quoting a principal of Satanism. To be honest, it really didn't turn my head one way or another, at least not until seeing just how well it shined a much-needed light on the religious prejudice, bigotry, intolerance, and toddlerism still alive and well in this country and all parties; our own party not excluded. #ReligiousFreedomMuch?

Imho, it could even be considered quite relevant and appropriate in that sense, as it did absolutely NOTHING disrespectful, degrading, demeaning, aggressive, forceful, demoralizing, prejudiced, shameful, and least of all nothing oppressive to ANY other religions, least of all any Abrahamic ones--which just so happen to be well documented, historically and presently under all it's sects and forms, as the most often claimed set of religious paths to be followed by the most oppressive, prejudiced, aggressive, authoritarian, biased, lethal, and greedy dictators…

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