What is the Libertarian POV Blog all about?

Good morning to all my new readers! Thank you for taking a moment to stop by this post. You might have landed here through some crazy google search, or it might be that you were looking for more background information on the author of your new favorite blog. Either way, I thought it would be appropriate to make the first blog post about why I'm blogging and how it might benefit your life.

First and foremost, this blog is for my fellow freedom lovers. You might find that you are a libertarian yourself, or you might find that you are simply looking for another perspective to round out your own. Either way, this blog is here first and foremost to spread important information about events happening around the world. The second most important element of this blog is to spread the perspective of the third largest growing political party in America - libertarianism.

I'm doing this both because I feel it's important, but also because I've been asked several times by friends and associates, if I would write out various guides and perspectives of my personal form of libertarianism. It is for those that have supported and encouraged me, that I write. It feels like a win-win, to have a place to share my views, and to hopefully offer some alternative options for people who are tired of the traditional mainstream point of view.

Now, to make sure that we're clear from the beginning, and because there are so many various flavors of libertarianism, I would like to clarify my specific brand of libertarianism.

Personally, I am rather eclectic about my views, and because of this I associate myself with several factions of libertarianism that you might relate to:

1. Classical Libertarianism - I believe that we do need some form of overall leadership country wide and state wide, but that it should be as minimal as possible, and that the federal government especially, should be maintained only for the purpose of protecting our inalienable rights as human beings and in the case of a dire emergencies, such as an invading army landing on our soil.

Taxes for such basic things should be kept to a minimum and larger social needs should be handled by cities and states respectively, upholding the tenth amendment and keeping the federal government within the bounds of it's enumerated powers originally endowed to it.

Included in the views of a Classical Libertarian, is Lasse-Faire type economy styles, where the federal government gets little to no regulative powers over commerce. As provided in the constitution, they would have some authority over inter-state and international commerce, but would be barred from more personal regulations, leaving that to cities and states respectively.

2. Paleolibertarianism - While I consider this to be "individualism" over "collectivism" or "communism", some might refer to this as a predaliction towards isolationism, and that's fine. Basically, paleolibertarian's tend to lean away from interfering in international battles and towards maintaining our own direct needs above all others. This also lends to heavy scrutiny of gigantic international grounds like the UN, NATO and the "G" groups like G20. That doesn't mean I or others who can related to the paleolibertarian pov, are completely against these large international groups, it simply means that I am highly skeptical of their actions and interferences, for various reasons.

With all this being stated here and now, I'd also like to make it clear that above and beyond being a libertarian, I am HUMAN, which means that there are plenty of times I hold views that go outside of these boundaries, sometimes I disagree with fellow libertarians of my own flavor and there are even times when I might improperly state a POV.

I'd also like to make it clear that just because this blog follows my ideological beliefs, does not mean that I believe that other beliefs are wrong or fundamentally flawed. We are all entitled to our believes, and as one famous libertarian proverb states: "Your rights end at my nose", which means so long as we all remain peaceful, there's no reason we cannot all uphold our own believes without treading on the beliefs of others.

With that out of the way, I hope you enjoy The Libertarian POV. Feel free to send me emails or write comments about your own POV, any questions or requests for posts. And please don't forget to share. Even if you think I'm a bogus blogger with the silliest things to say ;)