Attention Bernie Sander's Voters: The Democrats Don't Want YOU

I know it's a hard pill to swallow, but the cold hard truth is that Bernie Sander's is not and never has been a "Democrat". Just because he changed his political category from Independent to Democratic and added his own fancy suffix, doesn't change the reality of the matter >> Sander's is NOT a Democrat and the overwhelming majority of the current democratic party wants nothing to do with him or his supporters.

Yes, they are still going to try and swing some of your votes back over to the dark blue side, but if they can't, they really don't care because once they nominate a true progressive, they're going to count all your write-in's to her, especially if he at any time concedes. Sure, it's very romantic to think that if they don't nominate Bernie, that you can just write him in and he'll somehow win, but the sad truth is that the Democrats have worked hard to set up their corrupt system and whether or not you like it, the choice is theirs not yours. They would love it if you would just give up and agree with them, but it's really irrelevant to the whole process. In the eyes of the democrats, you are inconsequential. Their only real threats are the republican nominee and any potential third party that might actually steal away an overwhelming victory.

I'm not saying you should stop being an evangelical Bernite. By all means, please keep pushing forward and hoping that he has a true chance amongst a group of people he's insulted and decried for the last 40 years. It's not likely to change anything, but you keep on keeping on!

The sad truth, is that Bernie really should have run as an Independent or a Socialist, he even could've been fancy with his title there and claimed himself to be a Socialist Democrat. That would've been the only way for him to run unopposed and for any write in's to actually count towards him. Running in a mainstream party, as an outsider and opponent is not going to get you the nomination in our current climate. If, over time, we were able to replace all of the delegates, superdelegates and congress people with new folks who were actually sympathetic to the wants and needs of the people, then there might be a chance. Though since most people don't even really pay attention to politics until the presidential debates start, it's unlikely that that sort of thing will happen any time soon, and even then, it's not likely that those new candidates will be anyone sympathetic to socialists or democrats. At least, it's unlikely unless the majority of people in this nation actually start to actively participate in politics year round. I won't hold my breath for that though.

The really funny thing, is that we pay Bernie enough of our tax money every year, that he has been able to  mostly finance his own campaign. If he had those funds, he obviously could've gotten at least as much attention as he is now, though whose to say that it would've been positive attention. Though as Bernie himself said, when he alienated anyone in his own party and openly used the democratic party for his own purposes, is that he did not believe he could win while running as an independent.

I find that wholeheartedly hilarious personally, that he believes he has a chance running under a LIE for a party that absolutely HATES him, but doesn't think he could win with an honest campaign propelled only by his own ideas, policies and rhetoric. That seems entirely backwards to me.

Yes, I understand that the democratic party and the republican party have colluded to create a huge monopoly over the presidential nomination process. That being said, I feel that any candidate worth his salt, regardless of party or affiliation, should be able to win votes HONESTLY. At very least, they should have the confidence to believe they could win in their own party and give it a shot before switching over to the dark side and pretending like it doesn't affect them.

Ron Paul had the same exact problem (Yes, Bernie is NOT original in running under another party) and suffered from the same challenges. As a libertarian running under the republican party, he was never going to be accepted by the Republicants. He's done nothing by (rightfully) cry out against them and the democrats for 40 years, why would they nominate him, even if he's who people voted for? The only difference, is that Ron Paul didn't expect to win because. It was never really his end game. Sure, he would've taken the job and done a damn fine job with it, but it didn't matter if he won or not. His goal by running as a Republican, was simply to open your mind to the fact that there was so much corruption in the government and especially the voting process, that there was no way for a candidate who didn't have a corporate umbilical cord, to win. Bernie on the other hand, clearly expects to win presidency, when the only real thing he's going to win, is in furthering Ron Paul's efforts and proving that we need to toss the progressives and neo-con's out on their big fat asses.

And let me be clear, before I end this post: While I do not in any way support Bernie or his desires, what I do support is getting ride of the duocracy. So while definitely dread the day when this nation might actually elect a socialist like him, I would still be happy to see an alternative candidate get into the spotlight. So I am not saying that he shouldn't win (at least not in this post) or that anyone should stop supporting him. All I am saying, is that it's about a trillion-to-one odds that the democrats will ever nominate him. A handful of them might give in to public pressure, but mostly only because they know there are too many systems in place to allow an outside to win inside the caucus.

What I am also saying, is that if you are seriously that interested in Bernie and his policies and you don't want to have a gigantic let down next election season, you might want to consider backing an honest candidate in an alternative political party. There's really nothing that the main two parties could do about it, if as little as 60% of the nation supported and voted for a third party. They would damn sure try, but since they don't expect you to branch out that much, they don't have the same systems in place to prevent a third party from rising up to the top - which is why the Libertarian Party will again be on every voting ticket in all 50 states this year, as it was last year.

Think about it.

Do you really want to see change? True authentic change? Do you really want to support someone who will do what they say they will and who really cares about your support? Do you really want your vote to count again? The only way that happens if you support Alternative Parties. It doesn't have to be my party (though we will welcome you!), it can be any third party. Pick a party and candidate that reasonates with you best, even (gulp!) the socialist party if you want to. Anyone but the Democrusts and Repulicants.