Why do you still trust they people? Politicians are not your friends!

After reading yet another article about Hillary's corrupt political affairs, Bernie getting kicked out of a hippie commune, Cruz being a homophobic turdnugget and Trump being his usual racist self, I've come to the conclusion that American voters have gone nuts. It's like 80% of America are hopeless codependent pawns.
I'm honestly not sure there's any hope for us at this point. Though in another attempt to reach out to the nation again, I wrote this on my Facebook wall... let's hope it rubs at least a few more sleepy eyes into alertness...

"This is the inherent problem with trusting in gov to fix your life, provide for you or to regulate the bad things out of our lives.

It's not that your intentions aren't in the right place, it's that the purpose of gov was NEVER to be some omnipotent power that takes care of us all.

It's not that we all don't want more efficient ways to care for the poor, or to provide everyone with safety, education and good health.

It's not that fairness, opportunity and equality for all beings shouldn't be at the forefront of our lives.
Those intentions are noble and good, and I believe we should work to achieve those values in our society, just not through the strong arm of the government.

Even if there weren't so much corruption in the gov, it's simply too inefficient to manage any of those things in any meaningful way that could outweigh the negative consequences of doing so.

You can clearly see through the things that Hillary and others have done and are doing, that the only thing that a gov is "good" at doing for ppl is creating more inequality and corruption, defunct democracy and less freedom.

In theory, gov should be able to be used as a tool for the ultimate good, but in practice it has failed the test of time again and again and again.

Even when the original politician trying to help is truly a good and honest person, it doesn't take long for someone else to corrupt those noble causes to advance their own nefarious plans.

This is why ppl like Bernie are being given such a big platform. I don't personally think he's the messiah that everyone else does, but think about it. If he really is for the ppl and really is the noble warrior you think he is, then why would the corrupt pigs in congress allow him to use their party and their air time to speak to you at all? The same could be said of trump.

They have the power to keep them from being noticed at all, just like they do with third parties every year.

They could've told him he couldn't run as a democrat. They could've pushed him out of debates and censored him from mainstream media completely, like they did with Ron Paul.

Sure, they make a good show of denying them equal coverage and access, and a fraction of that is real but most of it is just smoke and mirrors.

Think about it. If they openly treated them like welcome candidates, would you really still trust them?

Would you be working so hard to elect an "anti establishment" candidate if the establishment openly embraced him? Would you really embrace their ideas so blindly if the corrupt gov you KNOW we currently have, was praising their ideas?

Maybe... But I bet you'd be much more suspicious of what's going on than you are now.

The truth is that they know that ppl have started waking up and are becoming aware of just how corrupt our gov is. Plus, everyone likes an underdog..

If you weren't aware of these things, they probably would've openly let a candidate like Bernie win. They'd let him give more power to the gov under the guise of nobility and then used that power to do what they wanted with it while you thought they were doing good things for you.

But the truth is that you are aware that the gov is corrupt, at least on some levels and because you're aware of this, they fell back on an old tactic - reverse psychology.

Instead of continuing to pretend that they aren't corrupt, they embrace it and show you more of it. They add more drama and suspense and spice.

They invite you to come in, sit down, have some tea, look around.

They get you all riled up and indignant. Get you scared and angry. Then they let you see their preferred "noble warriors".

They hand pick them very carefully, as it has to be noble warriors who want to be heroic through the arms of the gov, otherwise their plans won't work.

That's why you don't see any news at all about the real anti establishment candidates from the third parties.

Those noble warriors that don't want to increase government power. They aren't useful. So they don't even get bad press. They just don't get any at all and at every turn they're kept out if any national debates and events with they're hand picked warriors.

This time they've picked noble heros who want to be heroic by increasing gov power. They've done this again and again with candidates they adore like Bush, Gore, Bill and Hilary Clinton, Obama, Kerri, Sanders, and Trump. They all want to "help" you by giving the gov MORE power. And every single time you fall for it, understandably. There's always someone somewhere who believed these ppl just to help...

They really don't even care which one of them wins, because all of them will have convinced voters of the need for more gov power in one way or another. This year especially, they've pulled out all the stops by selecting candidates each voter can identify with, because everyone is so split on the issue and so tired of ineffective gov...

Clinton for the corporations, the ppl who don't really care and the ppl who really just want a vagina in the oval office seat.

Sanders for the poor, the independents, the compassionate and those who are tired of establishment bureaucracy.

Trump for the indignant, racist, religious and angry voters who just think the gov isn't doing things the right way.

Rubio and Cruz for the immigrants, fundamentalists and conservatives.

They all appeal to voters in some way, and they especially appeal the gov in that they are all loudly screaming the same exact message:


I guess I could understand some blind trust in the gov if the gov actually ever fixed anything without creating worse consequences, but that never happens.

Every single time we see more and more corruption, foul play and nefarious activities. Even with things that were really meant to help in the beginning.

You know... They don't even have to let you see any of that happening, but since Snowden and Wikileaks, they've found ppl are even more emotional and active than usually. That's not a problem for them, as they just switch gears and embrace it and use it to manipulate us even more. Just as they've done in the past.

Now they WANT you to see it.

They want you to BELIEVE that it's just a few bad apples in the barrel. That if you just set those bad ones aside, you'll find firm shiny ones that aren't just as rotten.

But the thing about apples is that they can look perfect on the outside and still be rotten to the core on the inside.

Think about it...

When something goes wrong, what do politicians tell you that we need? Gov intervention.

Then the economy and other systems end up out of balance and stop working properly because of that gov intervention.

So what do they suggest we should do with these gov created problems? Give the gov MORE power of course!

Then what do they want us to do when the gov can't manage the messes they made? Give them MORE power.

Then when those gov made messes lead to more corruption, they blame everything and everyone else and say we need to give them even MORE power.

It's an ENDLESS cycle. Literally endless.

They continue to shift the blame and pass the buck. Anything they can do to keep you angry and afraid of everything but them.

Hell, even when there's reason be angry or afraid of them, they do everything to make it seem like any alternative would be way worse.

You see...

The more angry and fearful they can make you, the better..

The more distrustful you are of your fellow beans, the better... They want you believe with all your soul that life without gov rule is no life all.

The want to convince you that you are just a helpless dumb ape without their help. That life without gov would be unending chaos and pain.

They use false flags, covert psychology and rewritten history to prey on your emotional energy, to make the irrational seem rational. The illogical, logical. The tyranny, necessary...

They hypnotize you into believing that your fellow human beings are too immature and violent to be trusted with their own freedom, but then somehow they tell you that they're magically "different".

Even though no individual should ever be trusted, this axiom magically doesn't apply to them...

Don't you see something very wrong with this scenario?

For those who don't see it, you really should clean your lenses and look again...

More gov isn't going to make life better, no matter who tells you it will or how they spin.

Think of it another way...

Say you have an acquaintance, and they're a bad gambler with a bad drinking problem. They've been in trouble with the law and found themselves in several dangerous situations with gangs and loan sharks...
They've borrowed money from everyone several times already. They've sold off most of their possessions and have even resorted to lying and stealing to get more money to support they're habits.

What if this friend came back you and asked for more cash. Would you give it them?

What if they said it was really only going to spent on the bills this time? Would you trust them?

What if they then said they needed the money for a very sick mystery friend or family member?

What if they finally told you some of the truth, that they were going to gamble with your money, then promised they would win, that they had a new "fool proof" system and that once they won, they would pay you back and then take care of your needs for life?

Would you trust them and give them the money?

What if you had plenty of money and it wouldn't hurt you to give it to them? Would you?

What if you offered to take them grocery shopping or to go down and pay their bills yourself, but they then threw a fit and said it had to be cash only... Would you still trust them?? Really?

The truth is, most of you would NOT give your this acquaintance anymore money.

You would've stopped long before things got so bad. You maybe would've tried to help them get counseling or other real help if you knew them pretty well and felt bad enough, but in general, you would've distanced yourself from them until they got help and stopped gambling.

So why would you do something so sane and rational in one situation, but then turn around do something so insane and irrational in another situation that's only different by a few degrees?

An acquaintance is someone you barely know, much like politicians... they're virtually strangers..

And much like this scenario, most politicians have drug, sex, gambling and alcohol problems. They lie and steal and con us into things all the time.

So why is it that you trust them to gamble with not just your money, but with your life?

Our gov is full of bad gamblers who just keep swearing they'll win "this time". They just need a little more money, a little more power, a little more time.. just one more fix...

Do you really still believe them? Do you really still trust them? REALLY?

Is it really that hard to consider that if they've lied to you and mislead you on so many accounts before, that they could be lying to you about other things?

About your fellow human beings being naturally greedy and violent? About you being helpless without them?

About freedom being dangerous and scary? About us being incapable of living healthy prosperous lives without them?

An addict will often do anything they can to get their next fix... And misery loves company, so they'll say anything to convince you to join them... trust them.. help them..

It's your choice to enable them and believe them... It's up to you change things... The question is, will you?"