If you can't beat em, be sensible and outsmart them: Sensible Libertarians for Basic Income

Okay, I know there are going to be many librarians, most of whom are likely to actually be anarchist, who would love to tar and feather me for supporting the idea of a Basic Income in our country.

Though if you, please hear me out. It's a lot more sensible and logical than it seems from the outset.
First and foremost, remember that as true libertarians, we support very LIMITED central gov, but not NO gov at all.

Also keep in mind that not only is it going to be a rough fall from the Keynesian fascism/socialism system we've got going on now, but we've got near 40% of the country who have been robbed and ruined so badly by the current crony capitalism system, that they really are going to need some support for a little while and they are not going to agree to anyone who says they're not going to have any sort of social safety net.

Now... you and I both understand that our current gov perverted safety net us a joke. It's wasteful, inefficient, traps ppl and creates more problems than it solves.

That being said, that doesn't mean that we have to drop straight out of our current crappy system into a kamikaze dive to nothing at all.

Why not take a step towards liberty, without chopping off our noses to spite our own faces?
Why not consider a compromise that gets us closer to what we all deserve, without lynching our own cause?
Why not consider a Basic Income for any citizen who doesn't currently make or beat the cost of living?
Let me explain a little more before you run away.

First, you know how so many ppl say that ALL libertarians are selfish, anarchist who want crony corporate monopolies to reign over the land? We can all agree that this assumption is inaccurate and unfair.
Well guess what? So is the idea of assuming that if ppl were given a reasonable basic income, that they would all become lazy wastes of space on taxpayer money. That's unfair and inaccurate. Several studies have been done in the past, and a few are being done now, that show that when ppl don't have to fear starvation, dehydration, homelessness, constant illness and never ending poverty, they actually become MORE productive in society, not less.

Sure, there might be a few ppl who do become lazy, greedy and unproductive. Though just like in our current system, they are going to be the minority. Right now, the biggest waste of taxpayer money and resources, is the government, nor the welfare recipients.

And there are countless potential bonuses for everyone with a system like this. Let's explore them:
#Ending all welfare, social security and disability programs except the basic income. This also includes ending some tax payer funded college grants that wouldn't be necessary. A basic income can provide for all those needs with less tax money, less admin, greater efficiency and less corruption.

#Saving MILLIONS of tax money being spent on all of those programs. We could fund a Basic Income for every person who doesn't make more than the cost of living, with likely less than half of what we currently wastefully spend on dozens of entitlement programs.

#We won't need hardy any political interference with this system, taking it away from corrupt politicians using it as an extortion and bribery tool. This also means paying politicians LESS.

#Less taxpayer money will need to go to gov sponsored food banks that provide crappy food to ppl who really need good healthy food for their families. Voluntary food banks can obviously operate if they want, but there won't be much need for them if everyone can meet their basic food needs.

#We won't need wage controls and can end the ridiculous battle over wage raises that never fix anything, ruin the economy and give more money to the 1%.

#By ending gov handouts and wage controls, lowering taxes and the flow of cash to the 1%, we get the gov OUT of the economy much more than it is now and get a freer market where entrepreneurs can create businesses instead of the gov (which ends most of the purposely created economic bubbles).

#By getting the gov out of the economy, inflation will go down, most prices will go down, more real jobs will naturally and the cost of living goes DOWN > that in turn lowers the amount of the Basic Income, and makes it unnecessary for most ppl who can more get jobs that can sustain them well above the cost of living.
#By providing a reasonable Basic Income, we also won't have a need for things like Obamacare insurance or Berniellege tuition. That lowers taxes AGAIN, frees up the market MORE, lowers the cost of living MORE, and makes both college and healthcare affordable for everyone who wants to go. Again, this is LESS money to the cronies.

#By providing a Basic Income, studies have shown general happiness and health goes up for those who receive it. Many of those who received the Basic Income were able to work part time and earn more, which freed them up to become entrepreneurs, inventors, etc... those are the people who make society BETTER, cheaper, more efficient, more helpful, more advanced and more FREE (as in more liberty).

#Obviously having more entrepreneurs and investors making society more efficient, less wasteful, mute effective and more open to liberty, again creates more jobs, less need for taxes, less need for economic regulation, lower costs of living, etc....

#By being willing to compromise and be sensible, we'll show 60% of socially concerned voters who would otherwise never fight for freedom with us, that we can have MORE freedom, LESS gov and FREER markets, WITHOUT leaving anyone behind.

And, if we continue to fight to end pointless illegal wars, to fix the immigration system, to free up the education system, to get gov out of our lives, and to end crony Keynesian capitalism, we free up even more wasted tax money. A very very small percent of those trillions of dollars would cover a Basic Income.
Yes, that would mean you'd get to keep more of YOUR money and it would go farther.

And again, this does NOT have to be where we end things. Once we end crony Keynesian capitalism and make life affordable again, there will be less and less need for any sort of safety net, at which point, there's no reason we couldn't rally together and end the system all together.

Additionally, we can always organize it so that the only thing the central gov does is to require that reach state set up their own Basic Income system that meets basic cost of living, and end that they end unnecessary other programs. The rest would be left up to the states, meaning the central govs interference in the system is very minimal, and is reduced massively from what it is now.

I know that a Basic Income isn't going to be everyone's first choice, and no system will be perfect (including no system at all), but it is a logical sensible compromise. One that millions of ppl could rally behind. One that can take us a thousand steps forward towards limited gov and greater freedom.

If we can agree on something like this, the rest is just a matter of working out the details to keep out corruption and prepare for any potential expected and unexpected consequences. Both the good and the bad, cause nothing is without both types.

Come on, what do you say? Why not meet the freer future with me and many of our ideologies greatest economist (including Rothbard and Hayek)?

Why not be a Sensible Libertarian with me? =)


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