Ashes, Ashes, We All Fall Down - The Oligarchy is Encouraging a Huge Collapse

Dear Readers,

It's not all to often when I feel the urge to allow my inner conspiracy theorist to come out and play with everyone, though this fine July morning seems like as good a time as any to write about some rather fishy things going on in our world as of late, which have piqued my interest. Whether that interest has lead to a sensible and logical awareness of what's really going on, or my wild imagination is just going to far, I fear I might not ever know for sure.

Though in the days when more and more of those theories have turned out to be true, I wonder to myself at times, what else could really be happening.

I've been thinking about some especially peculiar events for some time now... mostly surrounding current political events...

Many folks are well aware that there is some form of "shadow government" or another, that is comprised of the people who really control our country, and more than like, the world. Whether or not it's the world's wealthiest men and woman who are in control, or just a handful of resourceful lunatics, remains to be seen.

Now, anyone who continues along with this shadow government or "oligarchy" theme, another wildly known and yet often unspoken truth, is that this shadow government is generally in control enough that they get to decide what we see, who we interact with, and what we get to know about. So with that in mind, it behooves me that so many people seem to have openly accepted the notion that all this "crumbling of the establishment" is anything other than the same old smoke and mirrors we've been shaded with for over two centuries.

Don't get me wrong, I would absolutely love to see the day when the Oligarchy is really taken down, along with every accomplice picked up and spit out along the way. Boy! Wouldn't that be the day?

Though I just can't yet reserve myself to ignoring the creeping suspicion that there is more to all this, than what meets the average distracted eye. If it weren't for the feeling, I'd probably be riding shotgun on the bandwagon with everyone else who believes the "establishment" is falling apart because of the "power of the people".

It's all too convenient that anyone, genuine or disguised, should be allowed to capture so much attention from the American public. It's even more unlikely for more than one "anti-establishment" politician to be given any media attention, let alone having multiple candidates running for presidency of all things. And the fact that so many people some how believe that each of their chosen "saviors" actually has any intention of following through with their pie-crust promises and doing what we want them to, is just astounding to me.

Sander's supporters very clearly believed he was going bring hope and change the way they thought Obama would, even though there was easily available information about his true character, voting records, expenditures, lack of donations to worthy causes, and rate of follow through on his promises. This was also despite his clear lack of ability to understand any economic science, constitutional law, or moral objectivity. Not to mention those of us who laid out the clearly obvious fact that the people who really control things, would never actually let anyone become president who actually had any chance of damaging their precious system. And yet, even with this information available from a magnitude of non-partisan sources, millions of people were so convinced that he was the only one who could "fix the system", that they were willing to draw blood even from friends and family who genuinely just wondered what they weren't being shown by the Sander's campaign. At the tiniest mention of potential imperfections, that ALL humans possess, Sander's supporters were more than willing to burn anyone they'd perceived as attempting to de-deify their precious Bern.

The same can be said about Trump supports, although in this case I find it even more absurd that he's been placed upon such a high pedestal. Considering how blatantly racists, fascist, crooked, and as offensive as he is, you would think he wouldn't have been given more than about 30 seconds by American voters. Yet instead of him being booed off of every stage, we see that millions of voters are supporting him, in spite of the cornicopia of reasons a man like him should never be elected POTUS. On top of that, while Trump seems to have a minutely better grasp of economic science than Bernie does, he clearly tips the scales back down with his grave lack of understanding in foreign or domestic policy, or civil rights. So the fact that millions of people seem to believe he's going to save them and "fix the system", is just astounding.

And while Hilary clearly doesn't have anywhere near the same following as either Bernie or "the Donald", she still has almost as many voters, who are split three ways by their decisions to vote for her: 1. Because she has a vagina, 2. Because they don't want Trump to become POTUS and are too brainwashed or to lazy to believe a third party can win, and 3. Because they somehow feel the need to stay loyal to the DNC, despite the clear and present danger from someone like Hilary getting into office, because they somehow believe the DNC has their best interests at heart. Regardless of the reason, it is again amazing that just as with Sander's and Trump supporters, they cannot seem to see the very obvious writing on the wall.

Hell, even as an avid third party voter, I am constantly on the look out for obvious plants and premeditated outcomes, as even third parties are not immune to tampering by powerful people.

So given that there are absolutely no candidates running for president on any ticket, are completely immune to tampering, it makes just as much sense that nothing is safe from tampering by shadowy powers. No event, no scandal, no disaster, no heroics or crimes, nor any breakthroughs or miracles.

Just speaking in terms of modern times, there have been plenty of blatant lies told by our government over the last 60 years alone, that clearly only show the tip of the iceberg in terms of just how many things are orchestrated by our government and the people controlling it.

And since we're now seeing various events take place that have given a majority of people the idea that the elites are somehow losing control on their malicious gripe on our world, it seems that much more obvious to me that it's no coincidence these things are happening as they are. Almost every country outside of the US and Britain have rioted in the streets over the way they've been treated by their ruling classes. Additionally, there has yet to be any countries that were not destabilized economically by recent financial scandals and schemes. It's been so bad, that despite what they want you to believe, no country has been able to pull themselves out of the rubble yet, and all it would take to cause a global landslide, would be a gentle push.

To cast further suspicion, we're seeing things like the Brexit, extra tension between police and citizens, changing media makers, the death of the GOP, the disillusion of the DNC, insanely addictive games being released that can be conveniently used by businesses and political parties, multiple countries becoming more fascist, further devaluation and degradation of various primary currencies, leaked nuclear deals, societal and political revolutions, orchestrated coups, and so much more.

It'd certainly be one thing to see a couple of large world changing incidents occur in the same time frame, but when you look at the timeline of everything that's been occurring just over the last 20 years alone, it reveals a lot more than a random jumble of spontaneous misfortunes. And while I'm not going to lay out all the details in this one blog, I will say that it seems fairly obvious that both the GOP and the DNC were purposely sabotaged from the inside, not by random luck or coincidence. If that is true, than the question would then be why would that happen.

The only thing that comes into my mind, is that powerful groups like the G20 have been edging ever closer towards Globalization, and it's no secret that if they could make it happen, they'd happily institute a one world government. Within that line of thinking, the mysterious suddenly appears to be demystified. The DNC and the GOP have worked fantastically well for the rich SOB's who own most of the world, and keep them in the lofty positions they've been in. Why in the world would they want to reveal their hand and noticeably step aside as it crumbles? I for one, am not daft enough to think that they just suddenly saw the light and the error of their ways, and decided to back off and let things fall back to the will of the people, where it should be. No, it makes very little sense to think that such powerful, resourceful, and greedy beings would ever allow anything to happen that wouldn't directly benefit them. Much in the way that the worlds most powerful financiers profited on every economic catastrophe, and every politician has profited from wars and domestic disasters -- there's no way the shadows of our time are not still pulling the strings in the background.

After thinking about this for the past few years, the only thing that makes sense is for these nefarious nerdowellers to continue using their best tool - fear. All they have to do is create the circumstances wherein the political systems crumble from their own weight, the weight that these same people have put on them. Then they only have to get people riled up with both anger and fear, and continue to push those buttons until people are so possessed by their worst emotional states, that they provide a convenient disaster that knocks out all the systems they made everyone believe they needed. A few disasters here, a little political revolution there, and several dashes of chaos and wal-la! Now you have the world wrapped up in such a frenzy of fear and anger, that they'll be ready and waiting for you to offer them a solution that suits you the best. When people are in such extreme emotional states, they're much more pliable. They're less likely to truly think things through, and so overwhelmed that they're happy to accept anything that seems like an immediate solution to their problems, even in spite of any clear and present danger down the road.

So imagine this...

By gaming the system and putting Trump in, they both killed off the GOP and rustled up nearly every bigoted and ignorant voter still in our world. Then by getting up the hopes of another large majority of decent but just as ignorant blue voters by making it seem like someone like Sanders could win, and then making him castrate himself in favor of Hilary, you've effectively now killed off the DNC. Even within the LP, which on my more utopian side I like to believe had some small chance of winning, we see Johnson, a man who everyone had hopes of being the best middle ground between staunch anarchist, sensible libertarians, liberals, and conservatives -- is now making some moves that have even the most loyal of GJ voters furrowing their brows in serious concern after several very pro-establishment moves. This sort of thing certainly won't kill off the LP (They can dream though!), but it will provide more than enough ammo to keep most LP voters busy arguing amongst themselves and many potential blue voters who might've otherwise turned the tide towards the LP vote this year. The only other third party options are virtual non-options considering the systems set in place to deny third parties from getting anywhere close to viability.

So now you're looking at the near complete failure of an entire political system. Something that's been happening throughout most of the rest of the world as well.

Next, we see many economic experts being ignored by the mainstream media, who are not only blatantly telling us that we never recovered from the "great recession", but that we're headed right into another one that is likely to be twice as bad. All of this thanks to government "jobs", stimuluses, and other bloated legislation that the economy cannot handle (thanks Obamacare!).

Now we're looking at political and financial crisis.

What could be next?

That one's actually pretty easy if you think about it, as we're already seeing much of it.

The next hat trick is to turn people against each other. Black's against whites. Citizens against police. Children against parents. Parents against other parents. Rich versus poor. Country against country. Ecetera ad nasum.

Political and civil crisis, financial crisis, societal and cultural crisis. There's really only a few things left that would create enough chaos for the powers that be to persuade the world that they can save it: Food, Environmental and/or Biological crisis, both of which we've seen occurring more and more frequently, and getting more Orwellian each time.

Obviously these sorts of chaos and crookery are much more complex (not that doesn't appear to be stopping anyone). Look at things recently going on around the world like Zika virus and the government solution: GMO Mosquitoes. Keep your eyes on the Venezuelan Food and Economic melt down (ironically one of the only fully democratic-socialist country), dying salmon populations, invasive and toxic algae's getting worse all over the country, dying wildlife and domestic pets, etc...

And anyone whose done even the tiniest bit of research knows that the government and those behind it, are certainly not afraid to secretly experiment on us and mess with our heads. I doubt they are anymore afraid of creating the most fertile environmental, biological, financial, emotional, and political circumstances they could ever desire, for whatever dastardly plans they have in mind.

Personally, I think Globalization is one of the highest up on their agenda right now, and though I could be wrong, I'm going to be keeping my eyes peeled for more information. Though I have a feeling, one that comes upon from time to time. The most recent time this "hunch" has cropped up and been proven correct, was when I predicted with Sanders long before it was hip, that he would not only never succeed in becoming POTUS, but purposely give in and endorse Hilary. And while the "feeling" isn't yet strong enough for me to want to make an "official prediction" on the matter (yet), I do feel instinctively that it won't be much longer before I'll find out whether my imagination is just too wild or not wild enough...