2016 Presidential Election: The True Winners Wont Be The Crony Establishment

No matter how the present presidential election cycle turns out, there will still be a clear winner when it is all said and done, and it won't be who you think it will be. We all know that the debates are rigged, the two establishment parties have every hat trick and every cat in the bag at their disposal.  Though regardless of which establishment dictator gets elected, they were hand-picked to be there not by the people but by the oligarchy. So even with all the greatest odds against the system that our founders put in place to attempt to protect us from that very thing, there is still a way in which the people can and will win. 

At the end of this election cycle, it won't be the establishment that wins. It won't be the cronies. It won't be the DNC. It won't be the RNC. It won't be the bankers. It won't be the haters. It will be those tenacious and ever determined individuals who continue to fight the good fight even when everyone else has gone back to their muggle lives, happy to forget that they are still needed every day of every year, and not just every four years when the big dramedy circus comes to town. it will be the diehards and devoted who win. It will be those who commit themselves to supporting their causes, their candidates, their parties, they're people, and their american dreams day in and day out, everyday of every year after every election up and down the ticket. Those people are the clear winners this year.
Right now in our country, those tenacious civil warriors are not fighting to maintain the status quo or support the corrupt establishment. They're fighting for social justice and equitable equality. They're fighting for freedom and individual accountability. They're fighting for integrity and transparency, effectiveness and responsibility, balance and sustainability. They are not so easily swayed by pie crust promises, or unobtainable bribes. They aren't as easily shamed or scared into playing fixed partisan politics. They are more concerned with candidates earning their votes authentically, rather than indirectly being the lesser evil. They are looking for candidates throughout the system, who will do what they say they will, and not try to pull the wool over anyone's eyes.

Thanks to the age of information, future voters are not as easily fooled by crony establishment politics. The smoke has lifted, the mirrors have shattered. We know we have options, and that we can create options when there are none that we can stomach. We understand that it does not require a majority to create meaningful change, only a tenacious minority that refuses to relent. We know it won't start out easy, but will get easier, as it has.

It is because of this awareness and ability to consciously create the reality that they desire, that American politics will forever be changed with the growing population of millennial and gen Z voters. These voters are not just going to go back to their muggle lives the presidential elections are over. We're going to lick our wounds and count pur wins and losses before we again rally the troops. Then we're going to go right back out there again and again. It doesn't matter how many times we fall or are pushed off our the horses, we'll get right back up and right back on and right back out there. 

And while the tides could easily turn in any direction in the future, if life has taught me anything, its that life presents us with cyclical patterns. Patterns that tend to reflect but not entirely repeat former cycles. Patterns that show what us for who we really are as a species, and reveal inevitable truths. In this case, I do wholeheartedly believe that it will be the Libertarians who will come out on top as the future approaches. and while I do definitely hold some degree of bias, being a Libertarian myself, i am looking at all data available right now and over the past few decades. We have yet, as a species, to have succeeded without any governance or individual liberty. When we lack one, chaos ensues until we reestablish a balance that includes both. This is where libertarians as a collective, have history on their side. Whenever true tyranny rears its ugly head, society beats it back.
And don't get me wrong, by no means will libertarians be the only emerging power to reach the top. Though as a group, we will hold some of the most prominent seats at the table. As the ultimate warriors for truth, justice, liberty, and balance of power, it will be the libertarian voices in the choir of future politics, who will maintain the delicate balance between anarchy and oligarchy. 

Whichever future authoritarian philosophy rises up with them, will be determined by those who support them and don't give up when potus elections are over. I suspect this will soon be the Greens and/Or Socialists, but at the present, not much work is noticeably being done to build those parties in between election cycles. My honest hope is that this will change after this year's election, and that more courageous citizens will take up the torch for their parties and get out into the world every day of every year, and manifest their own national win through sheer perseverance and team work, rather than following the seemingly easier yet extremely precarious paths of their predecessors who preferred to have most things handed to them. 

One thing i do know though, is that with 20 million supporters in 2016 and counting, the libertarian party is the only known party to have seen any growth at all, over the last two decades alone. It's also the oldest established party in the US, and the only one to uphold The ideals of our founders while all learning from their mistakes. If any other alternate parties desire the growth and influence that the LP has earned, they'll need to put on the same relentless and unforgiving effort from both the inside and outside of their own parties and the establishment. 

The two mainstream parties have been steadily dying off slowly but surely and faster with every passing year, while the lp continues to grow more and more as each year comes and goes, rivaled only by independents, thanks to the tenacity of the mighty few who refuse to give up or give in. 

Even in despite of the lp's murky past, and the continual onslaught of infactual propaganda from the desperate establishment, more and more maturing voters are taking up the torch to change the future and the philosophy of the lp to become what it always was meant to be - the fight for love, logic, and Liberty. The fight to leave no one behind. The fight to bring everyone to the table, including those we disagree with. The fight to make sure everyone's voice is heard, to ensure we all have equal representation. The fight to make sure balance is maintained in our world. To make sure that the little guy has just as much access and equity to quality resources as the big guy. The fight to make sure that neither the gov nor the public ever obtains enough power to monopolize or abuse the other, or cause any undue suffering on any one particular group, whether by way of good intentions or not. 

And make no mistake, there isn't likely to ever be a time in this realm where there isn't going to be a group of individuals who are determined to press upon others their ideals and convictions for the benefit of the many. Most of them do so through love and good intention, even in despite of historical evidence that good intentions almost always result in negative unintended consequences that are worse than the results which might have manifested had they not meddled. That being said, its vital that we recognize that these voices are needed and necessary, just as much as anti-authoritarians are. 

We need everyone at the table, not just the few who represent the majority. We need balance. In excess or dominance, good intentions forced on others will create as much chaos and havoc as pure anarchy or totalitarianism does. Having one without the other, is like having a brain with no heart, or consciousness without a soul. Without all the pieces, nothing can function properly. 

This is part of the premise upon which the lp has seen so much growth. Libertarianism is founded upon the principles that most of our founding fathers agreed would be the most balanced method if a growing country that was to remain both civil and free, prosperous and equal, powerful and humble. Minarchy; the ideal that neither anarchy or totalitarianism can rule, but instead, a balance of collectivism and individualism, of intervention and isolation, of socialism and liberty. None of our founding fathers chose this path with only their heads or hearts in charge. They argued and struggled, debated and relented. They devoted their very lives to sticking it out through the worst of it all. They did their best to make the hard decisions that would result in the greatest balance and most equality for everyone involved. 

It's the same logical empathy that or founders aspired towards, that has attracted so many to the libertarian philosophy. It's not an easy decision, or one that most take lightly in a fit of protest against the system. To be libertarian it's quite a commitment, that shows a willingness and courageousness to put yourself out there even against incredible odds. Often even agaisnt the wishes or understanding of family and friends. It's one thing to vote for a libertarian candidate once in a while, its an entirely different thing to pick up the torch itself and carry it with you. To speak up and be a part of the change you know needs to occur. 

With the gap between the wealthy and the poor increasing at alarming rates, and the lack of individual freedom disappearing equally as fast, we watch as the government and crony ngos Gorge themselves off of the backs of millions of Americans, while millions more are suffering to a much greater degree than they would've suffered in decades past, even in the throws of absolute poverty. And the suffering doesn't even confine itself to our own country anymore, it spreads like a virulent plague across the face of the Earth. It infects everyone that comes in contact with, and the only organic immunization is factual information. The only antivenom is personal accountability and ethical tenacity. 

Despite the fact that we are still one of the richest and most developed countries around the world, most of the maturing population of voters coming of age, have not grown up in the spoiled and arrogant manner to which the cronies would have everyone believe. Most of them in fact, we're lucky to grow up in families that barely managed to meet their needs without letting on just how hard it was to accomplish such a feat. Though as every parent knows, it's near impossible to hide anything from your children, especially the things you work extra hard to keep from view. That includes the rising generation of younger voters, who watched their parents struggle to give them everything they never had, only to them push them out into a world that was designed to send them crashing right back down under the weight of incredible debt, immoral-moral servitude, and good intentioned inequality. These emerging generations of voters have seen just how effective the power of grassroots organizations can be under the age of social media. They recognize that any changes they want to see, need to come from them and not from the seemingly omnipotent hand of government. 

They see just how corrupt their inherited political system is. They are angry, they are determined, and they are empowered by readily available information, to redesign the table which they will sit have to sit around in future socio-political conversations. It's this awareness that will hand the win to emerging voters, and in particular to any ideologies that seek a balance of heart and mind, power and humility, fiscal conservation and social assistance, personal liberty and collective bargaining, private property and ecological protection. 

When the dust has settled after the potus race, i will be one of the many who continue to persevere throughout the following four years, even if we don't get Johnson in this year. I will be one of the many ensuring not only a place for my voice at the table, but for yours as well. When the presidential race is over, what will you be doing? 

Will you go back to your sitcoms, and 9 to 5 grind, with no further thoughts of local or national concerns? Or will you continue to courageously persevere? Will you care enough about yourself and family, to make sure your voice and all the future voices of your children's children will be heard at the table of future politics? Or will you leave your fate up to others, who might never truly be able to help or resent you, despite any good intentions? The choice is yours. Choose wisely...