CableGate: Assange Just Bluffed and Hillary Fell For It

October 3rd, 2016

In a recent wikileaks release this morning, Wikileaks provided details into a damning conversation where Secretary Clinton herself and her staff held, in fear of a supposed release of over 250,000 new documents being released to damn the Clinton campaign, tossed around heart warming ways in which they could take care of their problem -- like just casually drone bombing Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.

This comes only hours after Assange reported that he would be postponing his anticipated release, for fear that his life was in immediate danger. Then on the morning we see Clintons damning conversion released for everyone to see just how she prefers to take care of her competition.

Touche Assange. Nicely played.

There might not even be another Wikileaks file dump, and frankly, there wouldn't need to be after this. It could very well be that Assange was only bluffing about his straight, and played Clinton and staff so well, it flushed out the full house she could've used to win. Now, after her campaign had just barely managed to stem the hemoraging of voters fleeing her grasp after the debate, we see that the arterial artery has popped again after the "basement dweller Bernie voters" remarks, and now this.

Once the public recieves word about Clintons strategies for "repairing" and "protecting" her "honest" and "transparent" campaign to supposedly to help us, people are more likely then ever to look towards third parties, or to just stay home all together.

Here's more info about the CableGate "Droning Assange" conversation, which can be found all over Facebook and Twitter.