Want REAL Hope and Change in the World? #YouDontNeedGovForThat

We the People, don't need government or political elites, in order to manifest the changes we want and need in society. 

Like anything else, if you want to see REAL change, you only need YOU. 

Want to lose weight? Get up and move everyday. 

Want more happiness in your life? Practice smiling on purpose every day. You want to be loved, you learn to love yourself first.

Everything else works the same way.

Want a little help making your life a little easier? Help someone else. Want to end world hunger? Feed one person who wouldn't normally get a meal. You want affordable education? TEACH. 

Want a stronger more abundant economy that you can thrive in? Start a business and create jobs for other people who can do great things to help other people. You want less pollution? Pick an area in your city to go around and pick up other peoples litter every weekend. Want to start healing the earth from any human contributions to global warming? Stop using petro fueled modes of transportation, and stop buying products created with petro or by companies that support fossil fuels. Pull your money from banks that support or do business with known polluters. Spend your money on truly green energy. Get on YouTube and learn how to make your own solar panels and storage batteries. It's really not that hard or expensive. Then get out and teach 1 person every few months, how to do the same thing. Or go a step further; make and install a set for someone else.

You want gun control and safer streets? Take a gun safety course and learn how to use them personally and safely store them, then go out and get one person a month to do the same thing. Want more equality? Go out at least once a week and give someone something they don't have, but you do.

Want money and crony influence out of politics? Start attending city council meetings or state legislative meetings every month and speak up when you sense corruption or cronyism. Get one new person to go with you every time.

Want to end the war on terror? Stop being afraid of your neighbors. Go out once a month, find a house in your community you've never been to, knock on that door and introduce yourself. Get online and find someone in a country we're in conflict with and make friends with them. Get to know them, let them get to know you. Connect with the world and create the rapport necessary to end the fear and heal the rift.

Want better roads that are well maintained? Go out every week and fill a pothole. Concrete isn't that hard to mix or pour.

Want to heal the earth from global warming? Plant a new tree in your yard, neighborhood, a local park, or state forest every month or more, then convince 3 friends per year to do the same. .

There are some things that gov is legitimately useful for, but most for most of the things that we all want to see changed for the better, don't require government, they require actions from YOU.

It doesn't even have to be a huge action, or take a ton of time from your life. Like losing weight, you start small and work your way up to where you're comfortably doing something everyday. Take just a measly 10 minutes out of your evening tv, video game, facebook, or reading time to do something good for yourself, someone else, or the earth.

Save yourself 20 minutes of time you'd usually spend in traffic by pulling off to a store or gas station, and offer to have a snack with a homeless person nearby, or park anywhere and walking around the neighborhood and pick up litter.

Take 30 minutes a week and think about all the connections, privileges, or resources you have that others might not, then spend just a couple of hours a month leveraging those resources to help someone else succeed. It could be as simple as offering a warm and clean set of clothes to a homeless person, or a chance to get interviewed with a job, or a clean shower, or a voucher for a night in a cheap hotel room, or a new pair of socks.

Take just 10 minutes out of the time you'd normally spend procrastinating your chores or other responsibilities, and read about our civil and social history, different economic theories and systems, and the outcomes and effects of different legislative actions, social programs, and policies throughout the world. Then go out and tell one person every week about what you learned, and where they can learn more if they want to.

Every time you find yourself complaining or frustrated by something, stop a day take 5 minutes to write down a few ways in which you could directly help someone else solve or ease the same thing you're frustrated by, and then do one of those things every week.

If you really want meaningful, lasting, effective, equitable change in the world, #YouDontNeedGovForThat, just need yourself and the resolve to get up and do something to manifest that change.

America doesn't need a powerful government. America just needs YOU.