We don't need elite heroes in government, we need normal people. People like YOU.

I just saw an HRC campaign ad, and I have to say, had her whole campaign followed the tone, temperament, and tact that that ad gave off, it would've changed part of my overall perspective of her. I still wouldn't have voted for her. Though for the first time, I saw an ad from her camp that didn't tell anyone who "not" to vote for, or try to shame or scare ppl out of voting for anyone else. There was no slinging mud, or making lofty promises. It was just a simple ad, where she talked about the America she sees in her minds eye.

And a part of me believes that she actually might hold part of that beautifully Utopian illusion in her mind, as opposed to it being written by a crafty speech writer. It wasn't a bad image either, and could've positively impacted the image she's created of herself, in ways she really could've changed the face of her campaign and this entire election.

Sadly, t's too little to late at this point. Not necessarily for me, as I knew too much for her to ever have gotten my vote in the first place. Though for millions of voters who want to like her and would've otherwise voted for her without hesitation, it's a day late and dollar short. Instead of seeing the mature, down to earth, caring, responsible, constitutional human being we've all crying out for, what we've mostly seen, is a stingy stinging manipulative political dictator. We've seen someone who is above the laws we're all held to. We've seen someone who tells us one thing publicly, then tells the cronies something completely different in private. We've seen someone who is far removed from the rest of us, who rarely if ever admits to mistakes or sincerely apologies to them. Someone tries to cover up all the questionable and often nefarious things she's done, and then deny them all when caught red handed.

We've seen someone who is just as scary and potentially dangerous as Trump, in a time when we really needed to see a strong, independent, honorable woman. A woman who wouldn't take any shit, but wouldn't give any either. A woman who didn't fulfill half the bigoted prophesies and perspectives of sexist conservatives, who claim that women are evil and vindictive. That we can't balance a checkbook let a lone budget, or understand how government works. Or that our place is in the kitchen, raising babies, and staying out of their way. These are completely untrue, unjust, and bigoted perspectives, but sadly, Hillary has so far fit into at least half of those crappy outdated stereotypes.

And it's not because she necessarily is any of those things. I don't personally believe she's evil, and despite an obvious vindictive side, I don't think she goes about in her life looking for retribution or an eye for an eye. I don't believe for a second that she can't balance a checkbook or balance our national debt. In all honesty, I think what is true, is that she's trying to be a hero.

I think she's trying to be to many things for too many people, and in doing so, she's lost who she really is. In doing so, she's spread herself so thin, that she's broken apart physically and energetically, and the people in her sphere of influence are the ones directing what she does.

I think that like many of us, Hillary is coming from a place of goodness inside ourselves, and are doing the best we can with the information and experiences we have at the time. This is true even of backwards, greedy, unstable people. There are very view genuine villains in the world who go out into the world with a plan to dismantle it and inspire pervasive evil to take hold. No, most people do the things they do, genuinely believing that they are doing what's best for others and themselves.

I think that Hillary herself even sees a lot of people in this way, though maybe not so universally as I do. Though from seeing her public and private dealings with voters, as well as cronies, I think that she's trying to hard to please all sides. She recognizes that both voters and cronies are trying to do the best they can to manifest success, justice, and happiness for their families, and an America that is conducive to manifesting that future.

The only problem with this, is that even though we can know that literally everyone comes from a place of love and good intention, that doesn't mean that their intentions, plans, or policies are not without known and unknown negative consequences. Good intentions don't automatically mean good policies, or good outcomes. And every time a person stretches their principles out to meet the needs and good intentions of too many other people, their own integrity and principles quickly erode. They lose themselves, they lose their values, and they lose the parts of themselves that actually had the potential to manifest practical and benevolent outcomes.

When this happens, you make more and more rash decisions. You make more mistakes and cause more negative consequences in your attempt to shield yourself from the millions of shouting voices all threatening to rip you apart at the seams. You stop following the rules set in place to protect you from others, and to protect others from you. You start getting so stressed out that you stop caring about the values and principles you once held so dearly, and instead choose to go with the flow of least resistance. You go with what's easier over whats right.

As a normal everyday person, following this path of the corrupted hero has little consequence on the rest of the world.

As a powerful politician and law maker, following this path has major detrimental consequences on the rest of the world.

This is where Hillary and a number of other career politicians are in their lives both psychologically and energetically. In that state, they are a danger to the peace, democracy, and success of everyone in our world.

This is one of the largest reasons why I cannot vote for Hillary or Trump or anyone like them. And even though I already knew I couldn't in good conscience vote for anyone so likely to cause so much pain to my friends, family, and future; I might have found my way to seeing Hillary as at least less dangerous to everyone and everything I hold dear, had she run her campaign the same way she ran that ad.

Had she done this throughout at least 75% of her campaign, rather than being so hawkish, reactionary, and scorpion-like; had she stopped trying to fake relatability, I'd imagine she would've beaten trump authentically by a landslide. Not necessarily because of any setups, plants, or schemes to help her win. Not even because of how awful trump is, or what dirty things her foes say about her. And this could've even been in spite of all the wiki-revelations and whistleblowing that have rocked her campaign. She would have had little to fear from Julian Assange, Anonymous, or any other naysayer, whether they were right or not, had she shown us that she had the ability and the wherewithall to be everything they say she isn't.

She might even have had a much greater range of support when Bernie was running, had she focused on the simple things and on her own goals and plans, and not bothered with attacks or dirty politics. The America she wants in her own mind, is what she should've been talking about, what she should've been showing to us. She should've been going on in detail about how she decided on her policies, what she knows those policies have the literal ability to achieve, and what she expects both the negative consequences and positive benefits of those policies might be, cause both always exist.

That sort of campaigning is what EARNS votes.

Fear and shame are powerful motivators, but not nearly as much as LOVE and trust.

If you want people to trust you with their votes, the one thing that represents their voices and needs, you have to EARN it through being authentic, honorable, and transparent. You can only gain so much through deceit, secrecy, and prompting. And even if you do get enough that way to make it appear that you've won, you'll never be able to accomplish anything good that you originally wanted to, because you'll never have the full trust and cooperation of the public, or of the people you have to work with in order to achieve anything other than more bad outcomes.

To EARN votes, and with it, power, you don't need to be the hero or heroine. In fact, that's the last thing you should be trying to do. The world doesn't need more heroes. It needs more normal people.

People Like YOU.

We especially don't need heroes or heroines in the oval office. We need normal people. People who admit they have normal problems like most every else. People who make mistakes, admit it when they do, fix the problems that led to the mistakes, apologize to anyone necessary, and move forward with humility.

We don't need anyone who spends 90% of their time painting their opponents or dissenters in blood, regardless of how much they might deserve it. We don't need more politicians who paint themselves as above and beyond the rest of us, somehow better and figuratively "perfect". We don't need more politicians demanding that we vote for them through fear extortion, bribery, or false promises.

We need regular people. People who will go into the highest office in our country, with the recognition of and openness about the limitations of the job, and a determination to stick to the honorable path and only use the enumerated tools of constitutional integrity granted to potus to manifest balanced solutions and meaningful outcomes for our country. We need regular people who have simple, reasonable, and moderated goals that can easily be achieved and measured before further goals are created, instead of lofty, overly challenging, and impossible to guarantee "promises". We need regular people who just put one foot in front of the other. Who put their no frills pants on, one leg at a time. Regular people who don't jump to conclusions or spill the milk every time something doesn't go according to plan. Regular people who are willing to ask questions, be wrong, try again, try different routes, compromise gracefully, consider all their options including ones they wouldn't normally consider.

Most of the people who've impacted this country in truly powerful and positive ways, were not trying to be heroes. Half the time, they weren't even trying to be leaders, and never would've volunteered for being "the leader". They fell into power more so than actively trying to possess it, through their natural ability to see problems and put themselves on the of path of service to others, not because they were so hungry for power and control that they took it and did everything they could to keep it from anyone else.

Many of these people were imperfect. They didn't have super educational backgrounds, infinite financial resources, or convenient connections. They really weren't all that special at all. That's what actually made them special. They were just regular unspecial people with scars and lumps and skeletons and warts and bruises, and they didn't try to hide it. They courageously, and reluctantly, placed themselves in front of the people for both ridicule and support, because other people convinced them that they were truly needed and capable of even the tiniest potential to make life better for others.

America doesn't need heroes in government.

The real heroes are anything but. They're just beautifully flawed and passionate individuals like you and me, who only want to step in momentarily to help manifest the change they want to see in the world towards making everyone's lives just a little bit easier, and hopefully a little bit happier too.

We don't need the political elite running the show.

We need more people just like you and me.

We need the girl next door, and the boy down the street.

We need the class clowns, the geeky weirdos, the loners, the hipsters, the hippies, and the over achievers.

We need firefighters and emergency responders.

We need baristas and burger flippers.

We need cashiers and shoe polishers.

We need teachers and philosophers.

We need artists and writers, janitors and nurses, road kill recyclers and water carriers.

We need more folks who'd take the shirt of their back and give it to a homeless person on the bus without a shirt.

We need more folks who'd stop on the side of the road to save an abandoned litter of kittens, or stop to untangle a wild animal from a fence.

We need more folks who hold the door for those coming in behind them. Folks who slow down for squirells and crows. People who leave a fresh bowl of cat food out in the winter for ferral cats. Individuals who try to capture and release spiders and bugs outside instead of squashing them.

Folks who passionately see how rare and beautiful a flower is and decide to leave it growing in place, and don't rip it from the earth to show it off and then allow it to die in a vase, then get carelessly thrown out with the trash. People who see a junkyard as a treasure trove.

People who see that smelly old homeless person and decide to walk over and ask them how their day is going. People who slow down to let someone walk across the road, or to let another car into the flow. People who see trash that didn't make it into the garbage and pick it up. People who do dishes for their sick or business friends. People who check in with you just to see how you're doing.

Folks who honor and appreciate life, who have a humble and healthy perspective of death, and who aren't above getting their own hands down in the toilet to keep it clean.

People who recognize and accept that they don't know or need to know everything. People that recognize their own personal choices don't need to be the same choices everyone makes or vice versa. Folks who are okay with other people making choices or having beliefs they could never personally make or have, so long as those choices didn't harm them in any literal way.

People who ultimately wouldn't hesitate to save their mortal enemy, should they be in danger, no matter how much bad blood there might be between them.

The only way to create a truly long term, meaningful, balanced, and honorable future for all foreseeable generations, is to get away from this pattern of expecting and accepting only the best of the best lesser evils.

The only way to "save" and heal our country and our world, is to look for, encourage, and elect normal people.

People like YOU.


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