How Americans Killed Democracy and Elected Donald Trump in 2016: Age of Millennials

After listening to npr, komo, and other radio news shows today and yesterday, there's been one common theme coming up again and again from election analysts:

"We didn't listen to or take millennials seriously. They made sure we won't do that again."

Guess who establishment pollsters didn't include in their polls? MILLENNIALS

Guess who's now the largest cohort of voters this year? MILLENNIALS

Guess who most of those millennial voters wanted for potus? GARY JOHNSON and JILL STEIN.

Guess what most of them, along with boomers who also wanted a 3p candidate, decided to do when lesser evil voters vilified, invalided, and tried to extort their votes? NOT VOTE.

Guess what the few voters who wanted real gov change, but were told not to vote 3p or write in, decided to do? VOTE TRUMP.

Guess what happens when you shit on democracy? TRUMP and a RED gov.

Wouldn't you have preferred those voters had went with their first choice and voted 3p?

Wouldn't you have preferred ANY of the 3p candidates for potus than Trump?

Wouldn't you have preferred that EVERYONE had voted?

Then stop narcissistically shitting on democracy.

Anyone who shamed, scared, invalidated, intimidated, insulted, or tried to extort a 3p voter, or whom played the establishments lesser evil game, has no one to blame for "POTUS Trump" but themselves.

When you shit on someone elses voting preferences, not only to you turn them AWAY from your candidate, but you make them either more likely to vote their original choice, to not vote at all because they BELIEVED you when you said their vote didn't matter, or to vote against your candidate just to make sure their vote does matter.

Basically, when you do these things, you KILL democracy and earn yourself tyrants like TRUMP.

LEARN the lesson, otherwise there will be a repeat of this election in 2020, and again in 2024, and 2028, and 2032, and so on.

STOP voting lesser evil.

STOP shitting on democracy.

STOP trusting the establishment to do your thinking for you.

STOP acting like someone else will just take care of everything for you.


Learn YOUR history.


Learn and understand what our founding fathers warned against.

Fight FOR Democracy, Freedom, and SANITY, not against it.

FOCUS on what you do want, NOT on what you don't want - this election is an example of how you manifest what you focus on, especially when you're in a state of fear or anger and focusing on what you don't want.

Remember that you cannot amass power or subvert the constitution and keep it always in good hands. It WILL end up in the wrong hands, and all your "good intentions" will be used against you.

Take NOTHING for granted.

Live every day in gratitude.

Love every chance you can.

Be tolerant and accepting of your fellow Americans.

Be the change, be the EXAMPLE.

~Ms. Minarchy