Enlightenment: Potential Leading Cause for the Spread of Consensual Liberty & Limited Gov

In the depths of this morning's insomnia, I came to find myself searching once again for a list of 'universal laws' that compliment the Law of Attraction, Law of Vibration, and so on.
It dawned on me, after finding a list of 20 universal laws derived mostly from Buddhist and Sanskrit teachings, that many of these same laws are the same tenets through which many a person finds themselves following the torchlight into one of the many cohorts of libertarianism (limited consensual gov, maximum compassionate freedom). 

Even the simple things, such as what you focus on is what you call into your life and how you treat others comes back to you. All of these things can be easily translated into many of the same basic principals of classical liberals - we all deserve to follow our dreams, so long as we harm none inn the process. 

And along those same lines of thought can also be found in many of the more enlightened spiritual paths, as well as in timeless societal lessons taught through proverbs and fairy to kids..

"As ye harm none"

"Do Unto Others"

"Receive only that which you've earned"

"Your resistance is the only thing holding you back."

"Wealth is nite always synonymous with money."

"Ultimate power corrupts absolutely"

And so on.


So this got me to thinking about many of the books I've found in the 'liberty section' of audible or the local half-priced books store,  which often contain quotes about freedom, free thought, free markets & constitutional representative democracies - following out of the "age of enlightenment". 

Now, obviously I've recognizes this association before, but to be quiet honest, it didn't quiet dawn on me that being as we are in another age our illumination & enlightenment, that more modern forms of the same enlightened forms of free thought, consensual societies & honest equality - could be the same exact gateways that lead a person towards a love for liberty & the ability to see humankind for its ability to be ultimately good over bad. 

It's like the dots were all drawn out, but left unconnected. Many of the humanitarian libertarians (thanks for the term Jeffrey Tucker!) that I know personally, all seem to have a few things in common aside from they're disdain for big gov & love for consensual liberty >>> they've also often already dived head first into the world of personal development, manifestation, metaphysics, existentialism & societal negativity deprogramming.

So too, have many of them found themselves going through one form or another of what's commonly coined an 'awakening'. A shift in consciousness often followed by a variable time of existential crisis that inevitably tends to lead every individual into various philosophical explorations of every beings natural rights, obligations to each other & anthropological histories.

Not every person who awakens or is reborn into a more enlightened consciousness finds themselves on the path of liberty as it's not necessarily everyone's path or even the only 'right' path. Yet and still, I find myself even more curious now, just how many of us were lead to these virtues not through the infactual stereotypical path of selfishness or lack of empathy, but rather through a journey of personal enlightenment which at some point lead to an understanding for the greater better nature and gratitude for all beings, all ways and all paths.

On that same continuation, I wonder at which point an individual is lead towards or gets stuck in one of the many forms brutalism or paths of oppression & scarcity mindedness.
What is it that leads one person towards consensual liberty that not only honors and accepts all ways, but which also leads that same person into the awesomeness awareness that we on this planet are rarely in a serious lack of abundance for anything? Likewise, what leads a person to believe there can only be one right and good way for every person to behave, think, react or be governed?

What leads one person to believe so much in the capability of human kind that they have no fear & even possess great excitement for a time when we can all be free of centralized authoritarian rule & be personally accountable & empowered to care for ourselves vs a person who believes so rigidly in their worst fears of the capability of humankind to be vengeful, violent & greedy that they close themselves of near completely to even the slightest consideration that it's not only possible but also wholesomely acceptable to live in a world where multiple ideologies, forms of collaborative governance & life paths can coexist, cooperate & compassionately accept each other without having to conform to each others paths or views? 

The only thing I can think back to, that ever lead me to believe the modern dnc, societal norms & our corrupt gov were the only way to be that needed to be imposed on others, was going through public schooling & only watching mainstream media. Once out of schooling where I was able to experiment with my own conventions & norms, I naturally found myself skeptical & avoidant of mainstream perspectives & conventions, which naturally lead me into deeper introspection of myself and life as we know it. 

My experience is only a minute pea sized sample of existence, though that doesn't necessarily make it insignificant. 

Could it also be true for many others, that what leads to brutalism & 'fearism' and away from trust & liberation, mostly originate from the narrow minded societal conventions & educational perspectives we're allowed to be presented with in primary schooling? And that what leads someone towards personal liberation and trust in fellow hoomans, might start when one seeks either personal development or pursues one of the many paths to general enlightenment?

Please share your thoughts and experiences in the comments.