LPN Shines light on LINO's and Religious Intolerance on Good Friday '17; Religious right angry that no one Cares.

Dear Readers,
LP Meme of the Day.
Call me risque, but I'm not unhappy that the LPN decided to share a meme quoting a principal of Satanism. To be honest, it really didn't turn my head one way or another, at least not until seeing just how well it shined a much-needed light on the religious prejudice, bigotry, intolerance, and toddlerism still alive and well in this country and all parties; our own party not excluded. #ReligiousFreedomMuch?

Imho, it could even be considered quite relevant and appropriate in that sense, as it did absolutely NOTHING disrespectful, degrading, demeaning, aggressive, forceful, demoralizing, prejudiced, shameful, and least of all nothing oppressive to ANY other religions, least of all any Abrahamic ones--which just so happen to be well documented, historically and presently under all it's sects and forms, as the most often claimed set of religious paths to be followed by the most oppressive, prejudiced, aggressive, authoritarian, biased, lethal, and greedy dictators, societies, and individuals. That is certainly not to say that all followers of Abrahamic paths are that way, hence why I said that it's PEOPLE who CLAIMED and attempted to used their spiritual beliefs as an excuse for why they were oppressive and/or aggressive poopheads who CHOOSE to interpret benign spiritual tenets into aggressive and oppressive dogmas, much in the same manner that some people are now CHOOSING to interpret the free sharing of ideas that aren't even contrary or in opposition to what these same people claim are supposedly some of their most significantly valued ideological and spiritual precepts, simply because the idea came from a spiritual path they pointedly CHOOSE to remain ignorant of and willfully oppressive to, were shared on one of their precious holy days.

As far as I saw, the meme was simply accompanied by an appropriate hashtag of #FreeToBelieve. WHICH WE ARE.

We're free to choose what religions we follow. Free to choose which religions we're going to be bigots towards. Free to interpret things the way we see fit, and free to hold the perspectives we choose to, regardless of how asinine or narcissistic they may be. Free to choose to be offended by benign actions, or even better -- free to choose not to stress or feel personally victimized by one 4,140 spiritual paths that intentially pay very little attention to and are for the most part, generally very respectful and tolerant of other religious paths.

Regardless of whatever unknown reasoning the page admin might have actually had for posting the harmless meme at the time, which we may never truly know, their choice to post a quote about supporting personal freedoms regardless of their source, holds absolutely ZERO culpability in the decision of any free thinking individual to CHOOSE to feel offended by it. If you're offended by something that is non-aggressive, non-oppressive, and benign, simply because you don't agree with it and purposely choose not to learn the truth about,  and just because it so happened to posted on your holy day, that says a lot more about you than it does about the person or organization that choose to share it, doesn't it? #VictimSyndrome #YouDontOwnTheDay

Of my personal right to interpret things as I see fit, all I saw in that post, was simply the sharing of yet another spiritual path that openly focuses on personal liberty, equal individual sovereignty, religious tolerance, non-aggression, freedom of expression, and the notion that human beings are motivated almost entirely by various forms of selfishness, which is ironically only emphasized by the choice of some to get angry over someone choosing to support another spiritual path on their spiritual dogmas special day, like some elite fashionista who gets triggered by finding out that someone else wore the same dress as them to a socialite function. #NothingBetterToDo?

Even if the publisher really did intend for it to be a humorous and outright slight on any specific religion, It could actually be considered exceptionally tasteful considering the myriad of things they could've done, like highlight the fact that Good Friday is specifically for celebrating the torture of, maiming, and murder of another human being, restricting through manipulation the personal freedom of individuals publicly and privately, and by purposely choosing to be emotionally and physically masochistic for 16+ hours.

Not that I'm suggesting we should in any way choose to focus only on the negative aspects of any religion regardless of the merit in it. In fact, my point is exactly the opposite -- that religions and spiritual paths are benign and meaningless without the people who choose to believe in, breath life into, and determine the habits of their decision making with, and unless the INDIVIDUAL (not group) is being pointedly aggressive or oppressive of anyone else's, then there's certainly no reason to be aggressive or oppressive of them and their path, and absolutely every reason to be exceptionally respectful to and tolerant of them, as you would want others to do with you and your path even if they didn't agree or hold the same beliefs --- right? #DoUntoOthersMuch?

And even in the circumstance where another person is using their religion as an excuse to be an ass towards someone else's religion, wouldn't it be much more of an example of just how much of a better person you are, to do the opposite and be inclusive and appreciative of their freedom to choose, freedom to believe, and freedom to descent?

I think so, which is part of why, considering in this instance the meme in question said absolutely ZILCH about any other religions, I 'm a little unclear on what the BFD is.

Or rather... I'm unclear on how any self-proclaimed Libertarian -- who supposedly ascribes to the principals of inclusiveness, tolerance, and the explicit appreciation of religious freedom, freedom of association, freedom of expression, freedom of ideas, non-conformity, non-aggression, civil disobedience aimed at tyranny in any form... (should I go on?) -- could really be all that upset or feel personally offended by an organization that they voluntarily and specifically decided to support BECAUSE OF and NOT in spite of it's principled, pragmatic, and clear support of the diversity of religious freedom, which is inclusive of ALL 4,200 religions in the world, and purposely doesn't give any special privileges or quarter to any one of those 4,200 spiritual paths over any other -- as clearly shown by yesterday's meme.

In particular, while I can someone rationalize why a non-libertarian might choose to feel slighted by another person or organization's right to be different on one of their many special days, I find it exceptionally irrational to think that so many supposed followers of Libertarianism would choose to feel the same way. #DefiniteDissonance

I mean, as a Libertarian myself, I completely respect your right to choose to be upset about anything you like, regardless of how silly or outrightly prejudice it might seem from my perspective, which I also have every right to hold.

And that's just my perspective as a Libertarian.

While not being a follower of Satanism, I'm definitely not a follower of any Abrahamic religious paths either, and I know a great many people of a great many spiritual journey's, most of whom are good people who hold faith in various different religions that have all been oppressed, slandered, and negatively propagandized against by the people who claimed allegiance to the same religion followed by the people who just so happen to be so haughtly upset by the meme.

And as someone who doesn't follow an Abrahamic dogma, who has been prejudiced, aggressed against, and excluded by other religious followers whose delicate sensibilities seemed to be equally as offended by my existence as by memes like the one shared---I find it funny, that should I choose to get myself all hot and bothered about it---I could rightfully claim righteous indignation towards the voluntarily offended, for suggesting that they somehow get to own the days their religions are on or the way other people should act on them, and throw teenager-like tantrums in response to other human beings choice to do something different on a day they're more than free to do so, in a way that was anything but disrespectful. Additionally, considering that Satanism is actually a misnomer, as it doesn't even believe in any sort of "devil" being, and holds a specific focus on reverence for nature and personal sovereignty, something most of those feeling offended don't hold through their dogma. Not to mention, the history of other people who've held this same religion, like to neglect the oppressive and even murderous ways other holders of their dogma have displayed towards non-similar religions for millennia. It is in every way, another manifestation of the same sort of microaggressions and fragility that many north germanic descendant cultures display towards just about everyone else, even while ignorantly proclaiming they don't and that others have no right to throw it right back at them.

Isn't it time we as a species give up this ridiculous sense of hurt feelers yet? I mean, if I allowed myself to decide to get upset every time someone picked on, chastised, or disrespected my spiritual beliefs, I'd be in a never-ending turmoil from all the clear and pointed disrespect coming from Abrahamic religions in particular. As spiritual people of many different paths, isn't it about time that we started being the example and not the exception to why we might feel our path is somehow superior (even if that's not objectively possible)? And in particular, as libertarians, shouldn't we walk the talk and let things go that aren't going to matter in the longer scheme of any of our lives?

I think so, which is why, although I'm always sad to see our numbers decline briefly, I'd much rather see that happen if it means that we as a cohort are less burdened by religious intolerance, bigotry, and such fragile allegiance based on such arbitrary and hypocritical terms.

So if you're that upset by LPN's share of a harmless mean on any day of the week, and are going to throw a big old tantrum and claim they must now be of some opposing religion, keep in mind two things:

1. Libertarianism never was and likely never will be a "Christian Party"

and 2. It's pretty easy to recognize that if you're really feeling compelled to leave the party over something so trivial, you weren't really invested in the forward movement of wholesome liberty in the first place, and likely aren't going to be missed much.

So, without further ado, it seems time for a mostly effortless but definitely appropriate farewell to those of you who choose to exercise your right to disengage from party you were admittedly never really engaged in anyways, and release the so-called loyalty to any of us that was never really there. Good riddance! Adios! Adieu! Auf Wiedersehen! Adjo! Totsiens! Ciao! And as a wise man once said, "Your tears are salty and delicious." 

~ Ms. Minarchy

P.S. Your bias is showing. Might wanna put that back in your closet... #justathought